Almost no one hates getting free stuff. And everyone loves getting something back for their hard-earned cash. But not everyone gives you something back every time you spend.. We buy coffee and meals almost on a daily basis. We get our cars washed, buy food for our pets, drop off the dry-cleaning on a weekly basis. And we go to the big retailers such as Woolworths and Pick n Pay all the time. With the advancements in mobile technology, what is the best way for the loyalty and rewards savvy customer to navigate this landscape? The best answer to date is the Loyal1 platform.Instant sign up. Simply use your phone number to participate at hundreds of partners.

Loyal1 allows the shopper to see on a map where they can go nearest to do or buy what they need and be rewarded. A shopper can digitise their existing loyalty cards and get scanned at the till at places like Clicks. Businesses that offer loyalty and rewards have also been listed for convenience to show what they offer. Partner stores such as car washes, dry cleaner, pet shops, coffee shops etc can also use the LaaS app (Loyalty-As-A-Service) to manage and interact with customers on the same app.

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